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Below are a selection of videos by Mr Chris Bailey.

When to consider a knee replacement

What is total knee replacement?

Robotic Knee Replacement? The MAKO System

How long will my knee replacement last?

Complications of ACL surgery

ACL Reconstruction

Rehabilitation after ACL operation

Options with your ACL injury

Mako robotic-arm assisted knee replacement – A patient’s Experience

Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery – Mr Chris Bailey

What Causes Knee Pain & Swelling?

Can Knee Pain Cause Numbness?

Chris Bailey Orthopaedics

Why Does My Knee Hurt When Climbing Stairs?

Shoulder Pain Radiating Down The Arm, What Could It Be?

Is My Knee Pain Muscular or Bone?

Shoulder Pain Which Comes & Goes – What Could It Be?

What causes shoulder pain from the neck?

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